Part Office is a Los Angeles-based architecture and interior design studio founded by Kristin Korven and Jeff Kaplon in 2015. We work on projects of all scales, from singular objects to large developments (with many homes in between).

We are interested in the ambiguity and variety inherent in Los Angeles. We make work that is a logical step in the lineage of the place it is built. We do so with an empathy and appreciation of existing conditions, but also by highlighting inevitable contradictions with a thoughtful tension.


3207 Fletcher Dr.
Los Angeles, CA 90065
+1 (310) 800-2606

Selected Press
Mar Vista House
Nov. 2020
‘A Retro-Styled Conversation Pit Adds Volume in This Los Angeles Renovation’
Fairfax Garage Conversion
Jul. 2019
Domus Magazine
‘A car body shop becomes a retail space: the transformation of a plot in West Hollywood’
May. 2018
Feb. 2018
Feb. 2018
Jan. 2017
NYC Greenhouse
Jun. 2017
GQ Magazine
‘This Excellent New Store In NYC Sells Cactus, Not Clothes’
Jun. 2017
Surface Mag
‘L.A.’s Cactus Store Launches a New York Greenhouse’
Jun. 2019
Sep. 2017
Sep. 2017
Jul. 2019
Pavilion Books
Santa Monica Greenhouse
Sep. 2020
‘Tinted polycarbonate blurs cactus inside Santa Monica Greenhouse by Part Office’
Sep. 2020
Girlboss Office
Mar. 2018
Architectural Digest
‘Girlboss Office’
Exhibition Press
Jun. 2018
Pin-Up Magazine
‘A 35mm Throwback to Storefront’s 24 x 24 x 24 Summer Solstice’
Exhibitions, Editorials, Lectures
New York, NY
Nov. 2020
AN Interiors
‘Parts High & Low, Old & New’
Berlin, DE
May. 2018
Kontextur Magazine
‘Part Office: Architecture Studio Los Angeles’
New York, US
Jun. 2018
Storefront for Art and Architecture
‘24x24x24 Exhibition’
Lisbon, PT
Jul. 2018
CCB/Garagem Sul
‘Building Stories’
Lausanne, CH
Sep. 2018
‘Lecture 5’
London, UK
Jun. 2020
Architecture Foundation
‘100 Day Studio 45: My Favorite House’
Milan, IT
Jun. 2020
Vice Versa Magazine
‘Issue 9, Summer 2020: The (architectural) masterpiece. ‘Picassohaus’’